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EuroFlag Services

About Us

EuroFlag Services, a Luxembourg-resident company, provides an efficient alternative for ship registration within Europe. As a solution to the EU Flag Requirement, EFS was established to carry out comprehensive ship registration and management services specifically for shipowners seeking to register vessels with the Luxembourg Ship Registry.

As a member of the YCF Group, EFS is founded and operated on the same principles of excellence and superior customer focus as LISCR – the professional maritime company which administers the Liberian Registry, the world’s largest quality registry.

EFS has established its services in Luxembourg for the purpose of offering Registration with the Luxembourg Ship Registry based on the Flag of Luxembourg’s exceptional reputation throughout Europe, its established history of more than 20+ years and proven maritime regulations, as well as its willingness to allow EFS the necessary means to succeed in meeting the demands of the shipping community.

EFS provides a “one-stop-shop” service for ship registration, encompassing the advantages of an International Open Register as well as an EU Register. With a global network operating on a 24/365 basis; extensive experience in maritime administration; principles of excellence and superior customer focus; and a staff of shipping industry veterans from across the World, EFS is the unparalled choice for your EU flag needs.